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General news about Tusaidiane



Tusaidiane Uganda is very privileged to be ordered by the Sisters of Breda to provide project management services.

The Sisters of Breda founded in the previous century Nyakibale Hospital in Rukugiri District, Mutolere Hospital in Kisoro District in Uganda and Rubya Hospital in  Muleba District in Tanzania. In the nineties, they handed over the hospitals to their respective dioceses. They kept  supporting hospital management in their operations.

Over the years, technology has entered the hospitals with electricity for lighting and increasingly for  the use of hospital equipment. This tendency will continue in the years to come. However, the hospital bills for electricity from the grid are sky high. In addition, that electricity is not reliable and stable, which is a condition for continuous quality services to the people.

In 2017 the Sisters decided to consider helping the 3 hospitals, with solar which could supply stable, reliable and affordable energy for all  uses in the hospitals.

Realizing that neither the Sisters nor Hospital Management are experienced in managing such solar projects, the Sisters asked the chairman of Tusaidiane Uganda, whether TUL could assist hospital management in the planning phase of their solar project.

First Interim and Inventory Reports are out. We hope to complete the planning phase in the second half of 2018. We will keep you informed about the progress.



In 2017 the school started the academic year with new toilets both girls and boys, which have  shown a great hygienic improvement in the school.

Through different individual donors,  Tusaidiane Uganda has managed to start construction of the  2-classroom block as planned for 2017. More funding is required to complete. Other actions have to be postponed to 2018.

See attached progress report 20171112 PROGRESS REPORT KACHICA 2017 ACTION PLAN



In May this year Tusaidiane Uganda installed a water purifier in Karoli Lwanga Hospital- Nyakibale. We received a report from the hospital which shows that in a period of six months the Hospital community has consumed a total of 43 M3 (43,000 Liters) of drinking water which is  equivalent to 7,166 liters per month or 238 liters per day. The entire community has full confidence in the purity of this water and almost every member utilizes this water without any reservations.

In the attached Drinking water project report  the hospital has a challenge of sufficient water for both safe and domestic use. By the end of this year we are working on drilling a new borehole  which will solve the problem.


Water shortage period has ended.
Community sensitization results in improvement.
3 new Beneficiary Communities with safe drinking water
USE OF SAFE DRINKING WATER July-Oct 2016 Nov-Feb 2016/17 Mar-Jun 2017
Average use / Beneficiary in liters 23.400 L 15.000 L 36.900 L
Number of users/Beneficiary Community assuming 0,5L / user / day 390 250 615
Number of Beneficiary Communities 69 70 67
Use of safe drinking water in liters 1.615.000 1.050.000 2.470.000
Number of Users drinking 0,5 liters of safe water 26.900 17.500 41.200

In May/June 2016, Tusaidiane Uganda organized a workshop with beneficiaries for discussing the insufficient use of the water purifiers by community members

It was agreed that community leaders would start mobilization programs with help of Tusaidiane Uganda to change the “mind-set” of community members. Native speakers of Tusaidiane Uganda would assist in sensitizing community members in the advantages of the use of safe drinking water: better health, more children in the school, more people at work (for income generation) and lower expenses for the doctor and for medicines.

Substantive positive results could not be reached in the period July-October 2016, because the time after the workshop was too short to get effects from the “mind-set change” programs. They were expected in the period November 2016 – February 2017. However, no positive results could be reached in this period because Uganda was struck with a severe dry spell, resulting in insufficient water in almost every part of the country. Food prices were rising sky high; cows died and even people died from starvation.

The use of safe drinking water went down from 1,6 million liters in the period July-October to only 1 million liters in the period November 2016 to February 2017.

Fortunately, rains came back in February/March 2017 and sensitization campaigns resulted in a strong increase in safe drinking water: from 1 million liters to 2,5 million liters in the period March-June 2017.

Details about use of Star Performers, Followers, those with insufficient use and the Beneficiaries without a meter you find in

20170801 Water Use Report

A summary of their quantitative results is tabled below.

Period March-June 2017 Stars Followers Insufficient use No meter TOTAL
Number of Beneficiaries 10 14 30 13 67
Consumption in liters 865.000 638.000 490.000 477.000 2.470.000
Number of users (0,5L/day) 14.420 10.630 8.150 8.000 41.200
Average number of users/unit 1.440 760 275 615 615

New Installations

New purifiers were installed for St. Joseph Mary’s Secondary School in Mbiriizi in Lwengo District and Nyakibale Hospital in Rukungiri. Installation reports can be found on

A third purifier will be installed in August for the new Agricultural Training Centre funded by Iowa State University in Kamuli.

For Nyakibale Hospital, we are working on sufficient water supply for the hospital by drilling a second borehole with possible financial help of a consortium of Benefactors (Rotary Clubs in the Netherlands and Uganda, Friends of Nyakibale Hospital in the Netherlands, Sisters of Breda in the Netherlands and others).

Several other organizations have asked for the supply of safe drinking water. Tusaidiane Uganda is limited in financial resources. For realization of a project, the project owner supported by Tusaidiane Uganda has to find a sponsor.