After a difficult start in 2016-17, KACHICA Management with help of Tusaidiane Uganda managed in 2018 an acceleration in the realization of the School Development Plan. In partnership with TUL, Mirembe Foundation and KACHICA community, a number of activities have been concluded in Kamuli Child Care Nursery and Primary School in order to create a conducive learning environment at the school and also better the lives of the children and the community.

The positive developments contributed highly to preventing closure of the school by the authorities. The school disposes at the end of 2018 over proper toilets for girls & boys, over 4 new class rooms for the primary pupils, 48.000 litres of rainwater harvesting and a growing natural fence around the major part of the school compound.

KACHICA management and the entire school community are expressing their sincere gratitude to Donors and Tusaidiane Uganda for the support given.

A review of the School Development Plan 2017-2021 and proper priority-setting for 2019 based on experiences have resulted in the 2019 Action Plan. In priority order the Plan aims at the realization of:

  1. Inevitable provisions for creating a conducive learning environment
  2. Realization of Community Water Supply
  3. Construction of the Nursery Section with furniture
  4. Construction of Library & Administration
  5. Renovation of Class Rooms

Details can be found in the 2019 Action Plan for KACHICA