Arise and shine is a registered community development organization operating in Ngoma Sub-County Nakaseke district, with a mission to improve the social economic, health and educational level of the people through community best practices and interventions.


Nakaseke is among the newly created districts and it was originally part of Luweero district. The people in this district particularly Ngoma Sub County were faced with vast challenges especially during the period the present government was in the bush fighting to take power. Ngoma sub county was one of the key military bases for then the guerilla ( NRA) under the leadership of General Museveni from 1981 up to 1986 popularly known as “the Luweero Triangle” this left the people with civil war related problems key among them are poverty, lack of education, orphans due to loss of lives and many dependant elderly people. This is manifested by low levels of household productivity, low incomes, food insecurity, poor health, low levels of education, poor housing and lack of essential services and infrastructure such as health centers, schools and good water supply.


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