Mbirizi Women Empowerment Group


Women have always been very active members of the Mbirizi community and an important driving force for development. Several years ago, somewhere in the early two thousands some women of Mbirizi Village formed an informal group with the aim to initiate and realize care for widows, orphans and the disabled.

Women Group as part of ASCODA
In 2009 the village community founded the community-based organization ASCODA (Arise & Shine COmmunity Development Association). We, as a Women group, were one of the driving forces behind it, and we decided to become part of ASCODA.

Most women in Mbirizi village had not been involved in practical income generating activities apart from the kitchen and garden work, which are regarded as primary work for every woman.
However, since the group started being involved in social and economic activities there is a great positive change in some families.

Our overall objective is to have improved livelihoods enabled by women education and women participation in income generating activities.

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