Kwagala’s Children

Kwagala’s Children was born out of a personal story, that of Milly Naggwaya, a Ugandan citizen who has been working with children in the United Kingdom for the past twenty years. Seeing the educational and health benefits children enjoy in the UK, Milly has long planned on returning home to try and establish some of the same for Ugandan children. Milly is known as ‘Kwagala’ (‘love’ in Luganda) to her UK friends; therefore our project is named ‘Kwagala’s Children.’

Kwagala’s Children is a non profit organization registered in the United Kingdom (charity number 1139095) and operational in Uganda. Our mission is to support development in the country through education.

Tusaidiane Uganda and Kwagalas Children
Tusaidiane Uganda has supported Kwagalas Children in the construction and start-up of the Medical Centre in Mubende.
The construction was finished in April 2013.
We completed the start-up of the Medical Centre at the end of July. Since the first week of August the Centre is operational. It has been officially opened on the 26th of October.

The role of Tusaidiane Uganda  for now is supporting in accounts and procurement.



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