Victor’s community development

In Kirugu, Buikwe District, Uganda

Kirugu is a village in Nakalanga Parish in Buikwe District at the borderline with Kayunga District in Uganda. Developments usually are not coming to this remote Parish.
As an example till 2006 there was no secondary education in Nakalanga Parish. Some villagers took the initiative to change this situation and started Victors High School in Kirugu in order to improve the conditions for primary leavers in the nearby villages; many of them like to continue their education in secondary school.
Victors High School started its operations on the 20th of February 2006 with an enrolment of 13 S-1 students in one classroom, built on a piece of land which was set available by a lady from Kirugu Village.
On the 15th of December 2008 Victors Community Development Association Ltd (VCDA) was incorporated under Certificate No. 104149.
The objective of VCDA is to run a Not-For-Profit organization offering community services to the population of Nakalanga Parish I in Wakisi Sub-County/Buikwe District, comprising the villages of Nakalanga and Kirugu.
The range of services is not limited. At the start the organization is focusing on the delivery of secondary education for primary leavers and the delivery of health services to community members.
Victors Hope Medical Centre started its operations In May 2012 in a newly constructed health facility adjacent to Victors High School.

Victors High School is presently an “O” level school and still has to expand with “A” level.
However, the “O”-level department is financially insufficiently stable to make the move to “A”-level.
Dormitory extensions for both girls (2012) and boys (2013) are not used.
Main reasons: insufficient number of students/boarders and inadequate fee payments by parents in spite of support by Tusaidaine with the Scholarship Fund with up to 40% of fees for 73 students.

Unfortunately Victors Hope Medical Centre is not used by the surrounding communities. VICTORS COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION.



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