Without water we cannot survive.

Where do you get each day your bottle of safe drinking-water?

And how long do you have to walk for it?

A child should have safe drinking water every day. That is a right!

Rainwater collection is an important strategy for improving access to clean and safe drinking water. Supporting the collection of rainwater by installing water tanks with gutters and pipes is an important contribution to improving health by providing a more secure water supply system to children, students, parents, patients and entire village populations. In many situations it reduces substantially the expenses for firewood (where people are cooking water) and medicines (less intestinal disorders), adding at the same time environmental protection to the benefits.

Clean and safe drinking water often requires more than just rainwater collection. In 2004 a Rotary Club in the Netherlands launched the idea to use a filtration-technique, developed by Pentair Filtrix. The core of every LineGuard system is formed by the reliable and state-of-the-art X-Flow Ultrafiltration membrane module, which strongly reduces waterborne pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, cysts and protozoa as well as sediment and turbidity in the water.

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