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Dear All.


Find attached Progress Report Nr 5 for the FRALIBI construction.

The report includes the BMZ-SFRIM project and all extra projects, such anti-flooding, kitchen, dining hall and underground tank.

For all we have indicated what the status is (for how many percent completed).


We will send all pictures in the report by WeTransfer in the original quality/size  to Armin and Guus.

The good news is that Ėin spite of wrong instructions given categorically by Chairman FRALIBI- the BMZ-SFRIM project activities all will be nearly or fully completed when the school is opening its doors on the 22nd of February.


Sharifa will publish this report as soon as possible (most probably on Wednesday) on the website.

Please, feel free to share the document with as many as possible sponsors/donors.

Armin the document is in pdf in view of size. If you need a certain page separately to send it e.g. to the students in Munchen. Let me know.

I will send that page as a word document.


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